About Us

        Winner Connector Co.,Ltd. is a professional and skillful manufacturer of pipe fittings and flexible conduits of different types. We work hard every day to fulfill your needs since the day it was born, we love what we do, and we have never lost our passion – not a single moment.  We relentlessly push ourselves to develop the most professional manufacturing processes in order to ensure that every detail of every work piece that is delivered at your door deserves every single ounce of attention and trust that you have for us. With our ambition to always be by your side, we pledged to you three promises.

• Promise to care
Winner Connector aims to relentlessly empower all our clients with utmost effort. We ensure you that working with us will surely bring about satisfaction without fail. We are not only efficient in our in-house processes, but we are also always filled with energy to quickly respond to your requests.

• Promise to improve
Winner Connector aims to constantly reinforce our manufacturing procedures, technology and talents to secure the consistency in the quality of our processes and products. We build and produce different types of products for our customers. What come out of our factory are what we believe to be excellent products that fit the values of your company.

• Promise to grow
Winner Connector aims to persistently strengthen our company to grow everyday with our customers. We will not stop searching for the fresh offerings that will enhance the performance of our customers. We will not back down from seeking superior technology to cater to our customers. And we will most certainly not decelerate to deliver more for our customers.